<b>Tips to score good rank in the GATE exam </b>

Tips to score good rank in the GATE exam

Here are some of the important things which helped me to achieve this rank-

Gate is all about hard work and self-confidence, Your rank is directly propositional to how much hard work you have done and Also at the same time you must have full confidence in your concepts to get a good rank.

If you are a final-year student and wanted to go for the GATE, then you must have to start early probably at the beginning of the third year because you need sufficient time to complete the syllabus and practice questions.

Although you have covered theory from some online video or coaching you must have to read standard books once to get a better understanding and more clarity of the subject. Standard books are always a trustful resource.


Prepare a short-term plan and try to complete everything before the deadline. Good preparation is all about executing a well-planned schedule. Paste this plan in your room and tick whatever you completed on that day.

Always prepare your own notes whenever you are reading any new concept for the first time. You can also take help from someone’s handwritten notes, sometimes it helps you understand better.

Do not leave any portion, even if it has not been asked for the last 10 years, nobody can predict what will be going to asked in the exam, and leaving small -small things can cost you IIT to NIT.


Practice the previous year’s gate question at least 2 to 3 times. It’s another best way to revise your concept, It almost covers every concept of a subject.

Practice enough before going for the final exam, at least practice 10 full-length mock tests in the same environment and at the same time as your gate exam, it trains your mind to work properly in those 3 hours.

Last moment tip

Analyze your progress every day, learn from your mistakes, and do not repeat the same again, you must be 100% confident before the exam.

The more you practice the more confidence you will get. Do not read anything new one week before the exam, just revise your very short notes one day before the exam, relax your self and take proper sleep for 8 hours.

Keep your hope high, always aim for 1st rank then only you will land some rank near it.

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