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These are the latest notes of CIVIL?ENGINEERING by MADE EASY coaching Delhi branches. They are very well written in clear handwriting and completely spiral bounded.
-These are useful for IES, Gate, IAS, PSU Exams.
– Updated as per newly revised syllabi.
They cover the following subjects :-

  • Construction Materials
  • Strength of Materials
  • Structural Analysis.
  • Design of Steel Structures
  • Reinforced Cement Concrete & Pre-Stressed Concrete
  • Construction Practice, Planning & Management
  • Fluid Mechanics including Hydraulic Machines
  • Engineering Hydrology
  • Irrigation Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering
  • Highway Engineering
  • Surveying & Geology
  • Railway, Airport, Dock, Harbour & Tunnelling Engineering
  • Engineering Mechanics

109 reviews for Civil Engineering MADE EASY HANDWRITTEN NOTES GATE

  1. Sandhya Gautam

    Quality of the material was very good

  2. Raj Shekhar

    very less price as compared to the other places and genuine quality..

  3. Badal Chaudhary

    Rated 1 less star for not providing COD services, really terrifying sometimes to order from a new site but loved the notes received

  4. Ayushi Gupta

    Quality of the notes is very good

  5. Tarun Jain

    best notes available for the preparation!!

  6. Vinay

    I was very confused at first that whether i should buy it from here or not.. but after buying it from Notes4u it was one the best decision i have made..

  7. Chandan Pandey

    got material very soon even in this pandemic situation!!!

  8. Saurabh Upadhyay

    helped a lot in my preparation

  9. Adarsh Rai

    After doing a lot of online research, went with NOTES4U, as promised services provided

  10. Ankit Gupta

    Best notes for revision, blindly go for it

  11. Ajeet Singh

    thats the material i needed and it helped me a lot

  12. Prachi Agarwal

    Do not waste time on free obsolete notes, go for this you will get quality and accessibility both

  13. Uttam Sharma

    Ordered Made Easy notes due to shortage of money, will recommend to go for IES MASTER notes

  14. Andri Dwivedi

    very low cost

  15. Asmita Tripathi

    No doubt best notes

  16. Geetika

    the delivery service and customer support is quite exceptional

  17. Kevin D’Souza

    I loved it.. the quality, delivery, cost, spiral binding.. everything is just perfect

  18. Shaleshna Kaim

    just opt for this material

  19. Jahan Malik

    Quality of the material is really very good

  20. Ranvijay

    Best set of notes to study for GATE exam as well as academics

  21. Gayatri Yadav

    the best material i could even think of

  22. Rajesh

    Best quality genuine topper notes

  23. Kushal Mehta

    really good material

  24. Neha Sharma

    Quality of the material was very good

  25. Samarth Shukla

    for completing everything in a quick time or revising the whole course this one is the best

  26. Chandrashekhar Kulkarni

    cant expect something better than this

  27. Ishwar Das

    Notes4u is best and i will give it 5 stars.. very good service and material…

  28. Priyanka Sharma

    Very good delivery service.. just got product in 3 days..

  29. Samyukta Singh

    really good product

  30. Sameer Sharma

    I was very confused at first that whether i should buy it from here or not.. but after buying it from Notes4u it was one the best decision i have made..

  31. Vikas Joshi

    loved it so much

  32. Varun Saraswat

    best material

  33. Aahna

    spiral binding is very good

  34. Sumitra Bajpayee

    Very good quality of the notes!!!

  35. Arjun Sharma

    one star extra for the service provided by Notes4u

  36. Dimpy Kaur

    very clear, precise and low cost and very handy material for the exam

  37. Sakshi Porwal

    Best material for GATE..

  38. Saurav Singh


  39. Harsh Rajpoot

    very good material

  40. Saurabh Seth

    best material for the exam

  41. Divya Tripathi

    got the material in just 3 days

  42. Shalinee Dubey

    very good

  43. Ankit Sharma

    packaging and delivery service is exceptional

  44. Narayani Shrivastava

    Qulaity, delivery is very good.. keep it up

  45. Rakhi Sharma

    Quality of the notes was awesome

  46. Kalpana Sharma

    For 3rd year students this is the perfect

  47. Utkarsh Dwivedi

    really good service

  48. Pratibha Chaudhary

    After doing a lot of online research, went with NOTES4U, as promised services provided

  49. Kavita Sharma

    customer support provided is really very good

  50. Anshika Varshney

    Totally satisfied with the notes received

  51. Chitrakshi Shetty

    best material for me

  52. Sanjana Mathur

    i really really loved it

  53. Komal Agrawal

    very good

  54. Juhi Kumari

    everyone must buy it

  55. Milind Mehta

    very good material for the exam

  56. Sushmitha Reddy

    loved it

  57. Sukhmani Tripathi

    very good product

  58. Ajay Chahuan

    cant expect something better than this

  59. Shlok Sawant

    For this much time remaining. this is the best study material

  60. Nishkarsh Arora

    can not expect a better material then this

  61. Abhimanyu Bhatt

    Had no material to prepare for my final sem exams due to lockdown, had a great help from these notes

  62. Shubham Senger

    best material available in the market

  63. Prathima

    According to me if we have only this much of time like 6 months then i will definitely recommend this material to everyone

  64. Rashmi Saxena

    Impressed with the quality of notes, recommended it to all my peers

  65. Sanzeev Oja

    really impressed with the quality

  66. Hridya Dixit

    nice product

  67. Kumar Sanjay

    Awesome notes and express delivery

  68. Yashika Bhatia

    Searched all over the web, the prices were bit high but not very high, but got guaranteed notes with very good handwriting

  69. Upendra pathak

    very good service

  70. Ravina Sharma

    Quality of the notes is very good

  71. Kunal Kumar

    very good product

  72. Aakash Sharma

    Handwriting is very clear

  73. Amrita Singhal

    Really good product just go for it

  74. Harshita Varshney

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  75. Ankush Rathore

    really good product

  76. Priya Singh

    got delivery of the product in just 4 days

  77. Rahul Kumar

    Really impressed with the quality of the product

  78. Hamid Ansari

    Quality of the material and packaging is really impressive

  79. Kunal Sharma

    just loved it!!! very good

  80. Sameer Ahuja

    everyone should go for it

  81. Priya Malhotra

    very good material

  82. Nalani Mukharjee

    best material for the exam

  83. Anand Kushwaha

    a must buy material

  84. Shivam Mishra

    Without any doubt the best material for GATE preparation

  85. Shalinee Malhotra

    very happy

  86. Ravi Shah

    very good!!! keep it up

  87. Asita Gupta

    i loved the material

  88. Shankar lal Prasad

    very good service given by notes4u.. the packaging and binding of the material is really awesome

  89. Aman Singh

    best material for preparation in short time

  90. Swapnil Desai

    good one..

  91. Sourabh Mukharjee

    Quality of the notes is very good

  92. Khushi Singh

    Really loved the material and service provided by notes4u is awesome

  93. Mamta Sen

    good quality and delivery.

  94. Manik Agarwal


  95. Kunal Sanghavi

    Work on delivery, otherwise, quality and packaging are good.

  96. Lokesh Sabharwal

    hand-written notes are good, you can buy them.

  97. Rupesh Parmar

    One of my friends suggested it, and I tried it. It’s a great experience.

  98. poshan kartik

    Satisfied and happy to order

  99. mangal trishna

    nice product and service

  100. hansal dutt


  101. darshan

    Thank you for everything I have purchased from you. It has been first class.

  102. Poorvi Gupta

    Thanks for all your help and a great product. It is really appreciated.

  103. Trupti Shah

    Yes, that price is fine. Great service, as usual. I recommend your site to anyone who asks where a good place to get hand-written notes.

  104. Hashir Ahmed

    Thank you for the great service.

  105. Tulika Singh

    thanks for the offer.

  106. Kirpal Garg

    Much appreciated.

  107. Upesh Patel

    Thanks for your help. Great customer service.

  108. Karan Mehta

    Thank you for the wonderful product, and FAST service.

  109. Sunny Verma

    It worked like a charm!

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