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This is one of the best material from the MADE EASY coaching which includes a very precise theory, well needed for quick revisions and brush up the apt theory and key concepts at the 11th hour of the exam. It is highly demanded by the aspirants apart from the handwritten notes which provide in-depth knowledge. These theory books and workbooks help you to absorb the most frequently asked stuff & strengthen the foundation. It is content wise same as the theory books provided in MADE EASY COACHING’s POSTAL STUDY COURSE/ CLASSROOM STUDY MATERIAL.

The subjects covered are :

  • Construction Materials
  • Strength of Materials
  • Structural Analysis.
  • Design of Steel Structures
  • Reinforced Cement Concrete & Pre-Stressed Concrete
  • Construction Practice, Planning & Management
  • Fluid Mechanics including Hydraulic Machines
  • Engineering Hydrology
  • Irrigation Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering
  • Highway Engineering
  • Surveying & Geology
  • Railway, Airport, Dock, Harbour & Tunnelling Engineering
  • Engineering Mechanics


77 reviews for Civil Engineering MADE EASY STUDY MATERIAL FOR GATE

  1. Uday Souruvu

    material is very good

  2. Upendra Chaudhary

    One of the best material and at best prices

  3. Suraj Patnaik

    Great Price, Good Material

  4. Parushi Sehgal

    Good thing about NOTES4U is that they provide workbooks also along with theory books, not like other sites who give only workbooks on the name of full material

  5. Chayantika Pal

    very good … keep it up

  6. Shipra Ranjan

    this package at this price is unbelievable.. very good

  7. Shilpi Shrivastava

    Express shipping even to remote areas, really great service

  8. Vijay Sagar

    Rated 5 Star for the latest material with full syllabus covered

  9. Vidyut Vishal

    Was thinking a lot before buying it from this site.. but afterwards i feel lucky to get a very good product at such a low price and very good delivery service.. and also customer support is really very good

  10. Harsh Gautam

    Best spiral book material who is preparing for gate and ies!!!

  11. Vinodhini

    loved it

  12. Anu Katiyar

    good delivery

  13. Ravi Kumar

    the packing of the material was very good

  14. Ananya Dhyawala

    Best study material, classroom study material is much better than the postal one.

  15. Simran

    really very very good material

  16. Gopi

    Timely delivery, excellent material

  17. Ajay Sinha

    Still got my material to a very remote location during lockdown, best quality of service

  18. Chandan

    Will recommend to go for IES MAster that is the best, but this is still a good package at this price

  19. Gowtham

    I was skeptical before buying it, but really liked the material received

  20. Shivam Shrotiya

    really impressed

  21. Amit Sahu

    Thanks to NOTES4U for providing good quality material at this prices. I have become unemployed due to the shedding. I could not spend hefty amount on the material, so went for NOTES4U, could not have been more thankful.

  22. Priti Basu

    During this lock down, I was stuck about how to prepare for GATE but the material I got was very helpful, helped me greatly in resuming my GATE preparation

  23. Akif Arfien

    Best study material we could even think of

  24. Vijay Ghosh

    Quality of notes i very good and will recommend to everyone.

  25. Roopendra patel

    everyone should buy this

  26. Lalit Mehta

    Detailed description of each and every topic

  27. Tanya Shukla

    always recommend this material to everyone

  28. Muhammad Junaid

    Got theory books and workbooks both with this material, complete material needed for preparation of GATE

  29. Balraj Singh

    if u really want knowledge about everything then without any doubt opt for this

  30. Shalaka More

    Very good quality print, great quality overall

  31. Neetika Girdhar

    Combination of theory books and workbooks in this package is awesome

  32. Tanmay Sarkar

    Very good quality notes for the preparation of GATE

  33. Dhirin Mehta

    Full syllabus covered in theory books and lots of questions to work on in workbooks

  34. Ayush Vidwans

    Good Material

  35. Priyam Pandey

    the delivery service, customer support and packing of material, spiral binding is quite exceptional

  36. Jagdish Kumawat

    cant expect better than this

  37. Riya Jain

    Latest material, good quality, happy with the service

  38. Chaitanya

    best material available in the market

  39. Anshika Varshney

    the support given by notes4u is awesome

  40. Abishek Sharma

    Quality of paper used in the material is quite good and really impressed with the way of packing the material.. completely safe and that too at a very low price

  41. Jaswinder Kaur

    very good material

  42. Shraddha Sonal

    best material for the exam

  43. Palash Khanna

    Fully descriptive and easily understandable and a great service provided by Notes4u

  44. Vidyut Agarwal

    really good quality material

  45. Khushi Jain

    Loved the material

  46. Charu Babani

    detailed description of everything in this material

  47. Shantanu Garg

    at this price this material is really good

  48. Kishore Natraj

    Express Delivery, very good customer service, really satisfied with the material received

  49. Rashi Saxena

    this combo at such a low price is awesome

  50. Vikash Baghel

    Very good quality material, spiral binding is the best and very good service

  51. Sukhwinder Singh

    This combination of workbook and theory books is the best and we cant expect something better than that

  52. Lokesh Sharma

    best material

  53. Swati Sarve

    I thought the quality wouldn’t be very good as this is the xerox, but it is very good, print can be compared to the original study material

  54. Rashmi Gayakwad

    Very good quality print, great quality overall

  55. Archana Jain

    Best material for exam.. just loved it

  56. Inder Babani

    Full syllabus covered in theory books and lots of questions to work on in workbooks

  57. Aman Gupta

    the support given by notes4u is awesome

  58. Lalit Gupta

    One page one print, clear printing and font

  59. Shikhar Srivastava

    Great Price, Good Material

  60. Khusboo Rajput

    the packing of the material was very good

  61. Suraj Wahi

    quality is really very impressive

  62. Ashok Deshpande

    Fully descriptive and easily understandable and a great service provided by Notes4u

  63. Ashish Shukla

    Express shipping even to remote areas, really great service

  64. Harsh Sharma

    Really satisfied with the express delivery and good quality material

  65. Umesh Gautam

    Thank you so much!

  66. Pranshu Mathur

    Thank you for the wonderful product, and FAST service.

  67. Trishna Patel

    Much appreciated.

  68. Brajesh Prasad

    Thanks for your help. Great customer service.

  69. Luv Nishad

    Thanks for the offer.

  70. Sekhar Hazarika

    Thank you for the great service.

  71. Kader Desai

    Yes, that price is fine. Great service, as usual, I recommend your site to anyone who asks where a good place to get hand-written notes.

  72. Tanny

    GATE study package is good

  73. Daksh Bhardwaj

    I thought it is a bit expensive but when I received the package, I think the quality was up to the mark with the prices

  74. Hedayat Gaonkar

    I like the product and service

  75. Kailashnath

    Must say, They have the quality and as well as quantity as per the price.

  76. Sunny Doshi

    Thanks for all your help and a great product. It is really appreciated.

  77. Rajveer

    Good Product with decent price

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