Computer Science/IT Engineering Workbooks

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If you have studied well in you academic classes and have crystal clear concepts, then all you need one thing is the practice of questions. We bring you latest workbooks to help you practice for exams like GATE and ESE. These workbooks provide you best practice. We also provide these workbooks with our all the study material, due to huge demand by aspiring students we are providing this individually now. The subjects covered in these workbooks are-

  1. Discrete Mathematics
  2. Digital Logic
  3. Computer Organization & Architecture
  4. Programming & Data Structures
  5. Algorithms
  6. Theory of Computation
  7. Compiler Design
  8. Operating System
  9. Database Management System
  10. Computer Networks



15 reviews for Computer Science/IT Engineering Workbooks

  1. Sandhya Gautam

    very good book

  2. Rashi Agrawal

    the best book we can get for our exam for practicing all the topics thoroughly

  3. Jay Kumar

    Got the latest workbooks with lots of questions to solve, satisfied with the product

  4. Aakash Gupta

    Recommend everyone to go for the combination of workbooks and notes, as very less time is for exam preparation. It will boost up your preparation

  5. Jinang Shah

    Question found in bulk

  6. Nitya Gupta

    A must purchase book before the exam fo practicing questions in bulk

  7. Jyoti Singh

    very good book

  8. Suyash Kumar

    Go for the combination of Workbook and handwritten notes

  9. Priyanka Kumari

    Good workbooks that can help to enhance the preparation

  10. Shantanu Singh

    Good workbooks for the preparation of GATE exam, I purchased the handwritten notes and workbooks together.

  11. Rachit Sharma

    Loved the material received, great service

  12. Ajay Masale

    Atleast got a single which have questions for practice in big quantity

  13. Neeti Agrawal

    this book has a lot of questions to practice and that of various difficulty levels so i will recommend it to everyone who definitely wants a good score in the exam.

  14. Anindita Das

    Go for it definitely wthout any doubt

  15. xxllakaashllxx (verified owner)

    Got It delivered in 5 days.Good quality,well binded and latest product.Really impressive no hastle delivery

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