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This is one of the best material from the MADE EASY coaching which includes a very precise theory, well needed for quick revisions and brush up the apt theory and key concepts at the 11th hour of the exam. It is highly demanded by the aspirants apart from the handwritten notes which provide in-depth knowledge. These theory books and workbooks help you to absorb the most frequently asked stuff & strengthen the foundation. It is content-wise same as the theory books provided in MADE EASY COACHING’s POSTAL STUDY COURSE/ CLASSROOM STUDY MATERIAL.

The subjects covered are :

  1. Electric Circuits
  2. Control Systems
  3. Electric Machines
  4. Power Systems
  5. Power Electronics
  6. Electrical & Electronics Measurements
  7. Analog Electronics
  8. Signal and Systems
  9. Digital Electronics
  10. Electromagnetic Theory
  11. Microprocessors



51 reviews for Electrical Engineering MADE EASY STUDY MATERIAL

  1. Pooja Mishra

    Got theorybooks and workbooks both with this material, complete material needed for preparation of GATE

  2. Ade Gokul

    Great Service

  3. Shruti Verma

    Good Material

  4. Rajshree Damle

    Good thing about NOTES4U is that they provide workbooks also along with theory books, not like other sites who give only workbooks on the name of full material

  5. Chiranjeevi

    just go for it

  6. Ramesh Gupta

    During this lockdown, I was stuck about how to prepare for GATE but the material I got was very helpful, helped me greatly in resuming my GATE preparation

  7. Gayatri Shukla

    Very good quality material, spiral binding is the best and very good service

  8. Ashwani Mall

    Good study material for GATE, do buy if you do not need reasoning and aptitude as they are not included in this package

  9. Aman Shrivastava

    Still got my material to a very remote location during lockdown, best quality of service

  10. Swati Bhalla

    Express Delivery, very good customer service, really satisfied with the material received

  11. Shikha Pandey

    Express shipping even to remote areas, really great service

  12. Rohan Sharma

    if u really want knowledge about everything then without any doubt opt for this

  13. Amrita Goswami

    Best study material, classroom study material is much better than the postal one.

  14. Rohit Kumar

    One of the best material and at best prices

  15. Jay Bharadwaaj

    Best combo package for GATE Preparation!!!

  16. Roshni Upadhyay

    This combination of workbook and theory books is the best and we cant expect something better than that

  17. Roshni Agarwal

    this package at this price is unbelievable.. very good

  18. Rani Jaiswal

    Detailed description of each and every topic

  19. Ajay Garg

    will recommend this to everyone

  20. Karthik

    best material for the exam

  21. Suresh Mishra

    this combo at such a low price is awesome

  22. Raghav Arora

    really very very good material

  23. Roshan Mahapatre

    Was thinking a lot before buying it from this site.. but afterwards i feel lucky to get a very good product at such a low price and very good delivery service.. and also customer support is really very good

  24. Tejaswini Shelkar

    Best spiral book material who is preparing for gate and ies!!!

  25. Karishma

    I was skeptical before buying it, but really liked the material received

  26. Supriya Shukla

    Just go for this material

  27. Rohan Sharma

    very good customer support.. solved all the queries

  28. Amreen

    Really good package at this price

  29. Khushnuma Rao

    beast possible material for the exam

  30. Divya Tripathi

    cant expect a better service than this.. got material delivered in just 2 day.. well done

  31. Karim Khan

    Really good material

  32. Soumya Tripathi

    just go fir this material.. the combo of workbook and theory books is really awesome

  33. Sanchit Shukla

    The customer support and delivery service provided by notes4u is very good

  34. Anshika Varshney

    very impressed with the product

  35. Meghna Verma

    Supplemented with examples to solidify the learnt theory concepts.

  36. Sambhav Mishra

    very impressed with the material

  37. Surya Soman

    a must buy product

  38. Rahul Agnihotri

    Really goo material

  39. Shrishti Varshney

    Satisfied with the timely delivery and quality of content in this material

  40. Rashika Bhatia

    very good customer service even available in the late night and solved all the queries and also got the material very early… thanks a lot!!!

  41. Shruti Jindal

    Just go for it

  42. Khushi Jindal

    really worth it

  43. Iti Khurana

    very good.. keep it up

  44. Aradhna Pandey

    Delivery service is very good

  45. Anshika Raut

    everyone should opt for this material

  46. Aman

    Express delivery, good material

  47. Rajesh Kumar

    I loved the quality of material and got material within a week

  48. Arun Agarwal

    will recommend this to everyone in my friend circle

  49. Praveen Gupta

    Quality of the material is very good

  50. Mayank Bhatnagar

    Quality of the material is quite exceptional.

  51. Meghna

    I received the material yesterday. The staff is really helpful. I called them many times as I was a bit skeptical about it. But they were polite every time! The material is very good and helpful for gate preparation.

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