Electrical Engineering Workbooks for ESE




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If you have studied well in you academic classes and have crystal clear concepts, then all you need one thing is the practice of questions. We bring you latest workbooks to help you practice for exams like GATE and ESE. These workbooks provide you best practice. We also provide these workbooks with our all the study material, due to huge demand by aspiring students we are providing this individually now. The subjects covered in these workbooks are-

  1. Electric Circuits
  2. Control Systems
  3. Electric Machines
  4. Power Systems
  5. Power Electronics
  6. Electrical & Electronics Measurements
  7. Analog Electronics
  8. Digital Electronics
  9. Electromagnetic Theory
  10. Microprocessors
  11. Communication Systems
  12. Electrical Materials
  13. Signals & Systems
  14. Computer Fundamentals





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