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They are the latest notes of ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING by MADE EASY. They are very well written in clear handwriting and print quality is awesome. This booklet is useful for IES, Gate, PSU Exams. These notes are handwritten notes of MADE EASY coaching in New Delhi.


  1. Electric Circuits
  2. Control Systems
  3. Electric Machines
  4. Power Systems
  5. Power Electronics
  6. Electrical & Electronics Measurements
  7. Analog Electronics
  8. Signal and Systems
  9. Digital Electronics
  10. Electromagnetic Theory
  11. Microprocessors

93 reviews for Electrical Engineering MADE EASY HANDWRITTEN NOTES

  1. Saroj Kumar

    best material for the exam.. loved it

  2. Akshta Baadkar

    Good quality notes with a very good delivery service..

  3. Raman dixit

    best service, best delivery and best material

  4. Tushar Pednekar

    Very good delivery service, less cost and very good customer support

  5. Shikha Sharma

    very good customer service even available in the late night and solved all the queries and also got the material very early… thanks a lot!!!

  6. Gaurav Mehra

    Do not judge by the samples they provide, these are really good quality notes

  7. Sushil Sharma

    Best Quality notes with very low prices..

  8. Tulika Agarwal

    Best thing I liked was the spiral binded copies and timely delivery

  9. Sarvesh Jha

    1 star extra for the service provided by notes4u

  10. Anshul Kashyap

    Good notes with good handwriting, would have gave 5 Star if the notes were typed

  11. Aadarsh Singh

    Topped in my branch after reading from these notes, expecting good results for GATE also

  12. Debolina Roy

    Complete syllabus of GATE covered, terrific purchase

  13. Mayuresh Bhagwat

    Genuine topper notes

  14. Jatin Kumar

    Good quality notes with clear handwritting

  15. Aashima

    Seriously very good material

  16. Pavitra Shetty

    Supplemented with examples to solidify the learnt theory concepts.

  17. Varun Sidana

    very good customer support.. solved all the queries

  18. Sameer Kushwaha

    packaging is very great

  19. Maira Dixit

    really loved the quality of the material.. its awesome

  20. Ragini Saxena

    Must buy product

  21. Anjali Bhalla

    Good notes at the cheapest price possible

  22. Jinang Sharma

    customer support provided is excellent

  23. Vinay Jaiswal

    very good material for the exam.. good for less time preparation

  24. kabir sharma

    Best material possible for studying in short time.. really helped me a lot.. thank u

  25. Rahul Sharma

    Very goof quality.. really impressive…

  26. Rishabh Sharma

    Quality and the packing of material is very good.. Keep it up

  27. Avinash Sharma

    Best material for GATE exam

  28. Menaka Sawant

    Best topper notes with very clear understandable handwriting and the plus point is the spiral binding which we get with every note

  29. Kailash Ponia

    Very clear, precise and best one for the exam

  30. Gurav Aaditya

    customer support is nice

  31. Ravi Kant

    definitely the best product for qualifying the exam

  32. Dimple Tandel

    very good material for practice!!!

  33. Ashish Jain

    short, simple and very precise material for the exam

  34. Mehakdeep Singh

    best product

  35. Abishek Sharma

    Handwriting is very good

  36. Upendra Porwal

    there cannot be a better material available than this for GATE

  37. Aashi Chaudhary

    definitely everyone should buy it

  38. Ayush Singh

    5 star just only for Notes4u

  39. Rahul Akka

    Very good quality notes

  40. Sharda

    Get some lectures and buy these notes, the whole gate prep package is complete

  41. Nikita Chauhan

    Customer support is very impressive

  42. Anshika Chakrawarty

    Always recommend notes4u to everyone

  43. Kavya Gupta

    cant expect a better service than this.. got material delivered in just 2 day.. well done

  44. Uday Kumar

    got delivery in just 3 days

  45. Jayaram Bada

    Awesome notes at this price, best quality, will recommend it to all my friends

  46. Shravan Acharya

    material is of very good quality

  47. Swapnil

    Thank you NOTES4U for such a good quality material

  48. Arvind Sharma

    will recommend these handwritten notes to everyone

  49. Mohammad Samar

    go for it

  50. Uttam Raghuwanshi

    best material for the exam

  51. Avinash Katiyar

    Just WOW

  52. Kusum Gupta

    Recommend it to all the aspirants

  53. Shalini Shukralia


  54. Chiranjit Biswas

    Best quality at this price

  55. Ramya

    Loved the notes, very fast service

  56. Bhumi Sharma

    Purchased the notes after reading all the reviews, impressed with the quality

  57. Lokesh Mehra

    Very good quality notes

  58. Rajesh Kumar

    Awesome quality notes

  59. Lasya

    Good Handwritting along with super service

  60. Ruchi Sahni

    Perfect notes for GATE preparation

  61. Sandeep

    will recommend this product to all my friends

  62. Gaurav Singh

    Very good notes

  63. Raaghavi

    Good notes with good writing

  64. Mainak Roy

    Got it delivered to NAGALAND where no one else was providing, loved the service

  65. Soumya Ravishankar

    Good notes

  66. Indrashish

    Perfect with the combination of workbooks

  67. Balram Chaudhary

    Loved the product

  68. Priya Mittal

    Go for it

  69. Saloni Jha

    Best study material for this much of time remaining in the exam

  70. Balwinder Kumar Singh

    This product is really awesome

  71. Surya Singh

    Really good quality of the notes

  72. Suraj Deshmukh

    Handwriting is very clear

  73. Arvind Kumar

    Great product

  74. Ravi Khemani

    just go for it

  75. Kailash Chandra

    must buy material for good score

  76. Amit Kumar

    The quality of the material is really very good

  77. Sandhya Tripathi

    very happy with it

  78. Mukul Dixit

    will definitely recommend this to everyone

  79. Mukesh Kumar

    everyone should opt for it

  80. Suresh Lalwani

    Really impressed with it

  81. Ravi Shekhar


  82. Gini Bahadur

    At first, I was unsure whether to buy or not, but I did a COD order and found a genuine product with on-time delivery.

  83. Paasha Janak Singh

    little expensive

  84. Kushal

    good service

  85. Haman Gujral

    Recommended to the GATE aspirants.

  86. Ridima Chauhan

    good quality

  87. Virendra


  88. Bishnu Raman

    handwritten notes are good and quality is also up to the mark.

  89. krunal Vanshi

    I like you to know I am thrilled with it! It does exactly as you promised. Thank you very much for your service!

  90. Jagat Negi

    At great prices, they are giving way better notes. Speedy delivery too.

  91. Parth Raghuvanshi

    I like the study package. I’m telling everyone about you.

  92. Eknaam Singh

    Like it or not but the charges they are giving a much better quality of materials.

  93. Kirtan Singh

    Notes are really helpful

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