Mechanical Engineering MADE EASY STUDY MATERIAL

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This is one of the best material from the MADE EASY coaching which includes a very precise theory, well needed for quick revisions and brush up the apt theory and key concepts at the 11th hour of the exam. It is highly demanded by the aspirants apart from the handwritten notes which provide in-depth knowledge. These theory books and workbooks help you to absorb the most frequently asked stuff & strengthen the foundation. It is content wise same as the theory books provided in MADE EASY COACHING’s POSTAL STUDY COURSE/ CLASSROOM STUDY MATERIAL.

The subjects covered are :

  1. Thermodynamics
  2. Internal Combustion Engines
  3. Machine Design
  4. Industrial Engineering
  5. Heat Transfer
  6. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
  7. Power Plant Engineering
  8. Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machinery
  9. Theory of Machines
  10. Strength of Materials
  11. Material Science
  12. Production & Maintenance Engineering
  13. Engineering Mechanics

18 reviews for Mechanical Engineering MADE EASY STUDY MATERIAL

  1. Rashid Alvi

    Very good quality study material, lots of questions to do along with the concepts clearly exlplained

  2. Subhodeep Gautam

    Good Material

  3. Subodh Sarkar

    The best thing is it contains theory books and workbooks both, the concepts are clearly explained in the theory books and I get a variety of questions to practice in the workbooks

  4. Ankush Gautam

    Good material for the preparation of GATE mechanical

  5. Nirmal Singh

    Very good service, got my material within 5 days of ordering, express service

  6. Satyam Bagchi

    I would prefer a short, precise material anytime over those hefty books, very clearly concepts explained in detail

  7. Ankit Yadav

    Express Delivery, very good customer service, really satisfied with the material received

  8. Rameshwar Das

    Best study material, classroom study material is much better than the postal one.

  9. Arohi Agarwal

    One of the best material and at best prices

  10. Prithvi Bansal

    if u really want knowledge about everything then without any doubt opt for this

  11. Rakhi Tomar

    Good study material for GATE, do buy if you do not need reasoning and aptitude as they are not included in this package

  12. Rahul Jain

    Good thing about NOTES4U is that they provide workbooks also along with theory books, not like other sites who give only workbooks on the name of full material

  13. Gaurav Chabariya

    This combination of workbook and theory books is the best and we cant expect something better than that

  14. Hridya Kunjal

    Detailed description of each and every topic

  15. Kunal Khurana

    During this lockdown, I was stuck about how to prepare for GATE but the material I got was very helpful, helped me greatly in resuming my GATE preparation

  16. Sanjay Shrivastava

    Got theory books and workbooks both with this material, complete material needed for preparation of GATE

  17. Kyur

    Very good material

  18. Rakshit

    Notes are worth buying

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