toyota exploding sunroof recall

Pulled over and discovered my sunroof glass had literally exploded!!! There was no safe place to pull off and I had slowed to 40mph and traffic behind me was backing up. This problem has been reported before and dates back decades. Davies says that forced and uneven cooling during manufacturing, contaminants in the molten glass, and incorrect installation can all be contributing factors in exploding sunroofs. Car is kept in a garage. Triangle Area Only, Whole Home Generator As Low as $85 per month, Start 2021 Fresh - Use Code WRAL50 for half off produce delivery. Toyota is one of the manufacturers listed; but no Toyota models are listed I can see. Our 2017 Honda CR-V had the sunroof explode as we were driving at 100 kph. What got me the most was the sound when … Is there a class action suit or not? It blew outward and they pointed out a point of “contact” I told them that could be where the flaw was.

Unacceptable. According to lawyers, Mercedes-Benz has known about this problem but did not warn the public. The dealership tried telling me that a rock hit the top of my windshield which caused it!!! Hi. I have a 2015 Rav4 i was driving to work going about 55mph on the highway and I heard a loud noise as if a glass was broken I check my rear view mirrors to see if my windows was broken or what was going on.. so I pulled over and something said check your sun roof, I was in disbelief my sun roof was shattered and a big hole in the top. Was driving down the road and all of a sudden my sunroof exploded! rock, that caused this to happen.